Curtain Call

I say you still have a chance to make the best tomato pie, tomato jelly, tomato salad, or the absolute best tomato sandwich this season. Make it all, then make a sandwich for yourself to savor.

Here is how Dave and I approach the classic summer dish.

Mediterra* sourdough bread (and never get this pre-sliced, you can do it!)
Slab bacon (peppered, cook in a skillet, crisp)
Hellmann’s mayonnaise
2 tomatoes thick sliced
2 slices cheddar cheese
(or whatever else you may want to pile on)

Butter one side of four bread slices, then slather the other side with the mayo and use more than you should as a reasonable thinking adult!
Add the tomatoes, bacon, and cheddar.
Put the assembled sandwich’s butter side out on a cooking surface.
We use an indoor griddle and press with a cookie sheet to keep everything together. Turn once, and when both sides are golden and crunchy looking put the sandwiches on a plate, cut in half, and grab the best bite summer can serve up!

•Mediterra is a local bakery and cafĂ© that sells homemade bread at farmer’s markets, if you don’t live in the Pittsburgh area, look for a farmers market, you’ll be amazed what you will find.

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