appetite for APPS


About 90% of this blog is created on the phone. I am on the go a lot, and it’s just more fun. I know I am not alone but I did want to mention a couple of things.

First, I would always rely on a professional to do photography or illustration for a client. I consider my photos of digital images not always perfect for what a client might need to accomplish with just the right end result.

Camera phones have limited control, small sensors, and motion blur, but the images do translate well to prints and hold up when enlarged. So much more fun than the old family cameras laying around the house waiting for the next birthday.

I know professional photographers that sometimes use camera phones for both personal and client projects, and they turn out great. My designer friend takes photos on his phone and processes them into illustration-style pieces fit for a gallery wall.

There are hundreds of apps to help push the envelope after you crop and adjust your image you can add type, airbrush, and add illustrative techniques. One could burn a whole lot of time exploring.

It’s not hard to go beyond your phones’ edit capabilities and move past collages with flower hearts and unicorns, and pre-designed templates take your time, look for apps you think are interesting, and have some fun!

I am happy to give advice on an app that is both good quality and good for you. Email me anytime.

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