and then this happened…


Digital image timelines are on everyones phone and in the digital cloud, but there are so many other ways to look back. Here is a fun mini time capsule project I do with objects and the little stories around them.

You can do it for a month or ten years or anything in between. It can be done with a family or a business or a friend group. Tell the short story on a piece of paper, something that happened on a certain day. If there is an object associated with the story all the better. I like to keep this kind of on the funny side. Make sure it is dated.

Here is an example. I walk everyday and so does my friend, we don’t walk together but something always happens to one of us that is strange or funny. Like the time I saw a pony riding in the passenger seat of a car, or when Henry and I rolled down Jefferson hill in an ice storm, like four times. We write about it on a small piece of paper, fold the paper up and I put it into a pretty clear vase, and were surprised how quickly the vase filled. Then, every fall we get together and open the little bundles and have many hours of fun and wine reading our adventures.

I also do this with my family (it is ongoing, not ready to open) I write a sentence or two about something and throw in into a vase almost always wrapped with an object. You know baby tooth, penny, sea shell, feather. I even have a splinter from Lucy’s foot and the crazy story behind that. All ready for us to open someday when the time is right.

Frame 4 leaf

Another way to do this would be put one of those “moments” in a frame and sit on a bookcase with all the other great novels!

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