A different kind of New Year Resolution

If you are like me you have a bunch of old cooking and lifestyle magazines tucked away somewhere, mine is in the closet and stuffed on shelves.

Magazines were different only a few years ago, they were filled with wonderful stories about the little things in life, they put everything together from family meals to weddings and of course dinner parties.

Now, we look on Pinterest to be inspired, or google a recipe and stumble on some cute girls blog with way to much copy about her day and her kids or her empty nest I don’t want to read not to mention the pop up ads, cookies and all the ads for the ingredients and restaurants that serve the recipe that drag your feed down after you read the recipe.

I was going to toss all my old magazines and then something magical happened. I started reading them.

I was transformed. I don’t remember looking at them this way before, I guess I took them for granted.

Just saying.

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