Patty Ann Guide

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Almost everyone I know has some issue with their name, but I say I have the worst name ever. Not one time in my life have I been called anything consistently. Patty, Patsy, Pat, P, Trish,Trisha, Tisa, Tish, P.A. and Patricia. For a long time in grade school I gave myself and used another name all together Lisa Bonnie Diamond, it just sounded good! For years my good friend Ruth and I were known as “ruthless and misguided” we worked together and I guess were what we said! My husband calls me Patricia (my personal favorite) and most of my close friends call me Pat. My Mom and my Aunt call me Patty, and my Dad called me Pug. I was thinking about this a lot yesterday because it was my birthday and I realized I really don’t mind being known by a lot different names, and there was one more to add to the list. Mom!

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