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I like math and chemistry, at least I tell my kids that. I course I had to brainstorm ideas with my daughter Lucy last week when she had the assignment to bring a chemistry theme ornament to hang on a tree for school. This had it all, chemistry, mother-daughter time, creativity. Well, all of my (almost brilliant) ideas were nixed. The winner was the one we kinda thought was funny. The periodic “table” of elements. Step 1: print out several table of elements. Step 2: cut a flat corrugated table template. Step 3: tape the two together, fold-down legs. Done. Oh wait, let’s go back to step 2, me in the kitchen at five in the morning with a wooden yardstick and a really sharp exact o knife. Wow!
I haven’t seen that much blood in a while. My thumb is a mess and I don’t think I will be going to my clients holiday bowling party.

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