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A brand is so much more than a logo, website, and social media posts. You should be digging much deeper to develop your brand.

Suddenly, if you throw an iPad you could hit a half-dozen branding firms, popping up everywhere. They are part of today’s landscape. With claims of greatness to you if you hire them. Insulting to all the companies and professionals that really do have a brand and embody it.

A team of professionals can aid and further your brand, but only if everyone involved understands and agrees on a great number of things, like do you need research, have a strategy and do you know who you are at the core. Does your company speak in a united voice? How about the culture of your company, is it in line with what you have in your head, a cute logo will not change that if it isn’t.

Are you really a distressed circle with a moss green type?

I am sick of cross-line logos and type on arches. You do know that look is a formula and mostly done in a clip art mentally that some ‘‘design team” has “researched” on a social site. Technology isn’t a brand. A logo is a design, and a window into who you are, and hopefully an accurate first impression. A website is a brochure, catalog or magazine. A marketing tool that should be engaging and reflect your brand.

I look at a lot of “branding” now and think of long ago some (not all) ad people were considered snake oil salesmen, and designers were educated in design.

Hire a professional for a logo, or a website, or brand development. Just know the difference.
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